IT & Management Consulting Audit

Adamo Technology offers management and audit services for a complete understanding of your IT processes and risks analysis of your current portfolio.

Our experts allow you to outline a roadmap for a guarantee successful future and business development.​

With more than fifteen years experience in software development and management of the overall IT infrastructure, we enable our clients to achieve higher levels of success by providing IT  technologies and business consulting services. ​

Our experts leverage innovative processes to develop efficient solutions for organizations to obtain measurable value. We use advanced methodologies, innovative practices to analyze business processes to ensure higher quality insights. The consulting services include areas such as business systems, automation of business processes and operations, technology risk analysis, strategic planning and many others.​

Our IT audits are designed to provide your company with insights and recommendations required to improve the company’s IT strategy and meet your objectives.​


Initial meeting to discuss business needs and goals in order to define scope and specific objectives.     ​

Understand the business ​

Our experts will analyze business goals and objectives to understand enterprise context and its strategies and risk profile. ​

Business Analysis ​

​Based on advanced methodologies and innovative tools, our team will analyze all your business processes and units.​

Business Feedback​

We will generate a complete understanding of your IT processes and full risk analysis based on your business goals. ​

Our IT audits will provide fruitful insights and will generate recommendations. ​

Solutions & Action points ​

Our experts allow you to outline roadmaps for business development based on insights from your business analyses.​

You will have access to a full action points framework for your business growth.   ​

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