Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is everywhere! From our homes, to our cars, from our computer or smartphone, we can’t live without AI!

AI: What exactly is it?​

We are more dependent on technology than ever and our technology becomes more lifelike everyday due to AI. ​

AI is not a robot as many of us would think, in fact is a computer ”mind” that simulates the human brain in its most complex functions and most powerful systems. The AI mind is craving for learning languages and abstract concepts developing abilities to solve problems and improve itself with every task. 

Why is it so important? ​

We provide Artificial Intelligence implementation services across all categories of AI – Sense, Learn, Reason and Act. The power AI leverage in its capabilities of generating a natural and meaningful experience for customers when interact with a company. Usually, an organization has massive amounts of structured and unstructured - marketing, sales, logistics, operations, finance, and call center data. This data can be leveraged to service both internal and external customers using Artificial Intelligence. One such example of exposing this data is via Conversational AI using Unify Chatbots.​

How does it work? ​

By analyzing huge amounts of data, its intelligent automation and due to its capability of learning by doing, AI can predict behavior seamlessly. The studies reveals AI is far better at predicting than the human mind.    ​

AI can accelerate business growth and performance by offering predictive models based on the data meaning and estimate specific results. ​

Our AI Services

Adamo Technology provides AI tools based on the Microsoft Azure platform that allows customers to have a more natural interaction with your products through automated technologies that encompass vision, speech, language and knowledge.​

We provide pre-built packages that can help your organization quickly get up and running:​


A.I. Is progressing faster than anyone can think and  becomes proof that the future is here! ​

At Adamo Technology, AI becomes mainstream! 

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