Big Data

Big data is referring to big volumes of bulk data that are so large, complex and various that is becomes difficult or impossible to process using traditional processing software

BIG DATA: what exactly is?​

Big data is referring to big volumes of bulk data that are so large, complex and various that it becomes difficult or impossible to process using traditional processing software.​

These massive volumes of data are new oil if they are being analyzed and processed accordingly.    ​

Why so important?

The importance of big data has nothing to do with the amount of stored data but how it is used. Storage is a small step when dealing with big data but becomes a big step for a company when this massive amounts of unstructured data is managed, processed and analyzed. The insights generated by big data analysis foster better business decision-making and generate big impacts on cost reduction, time reduction, process optimizations and development. ​

Big data offers great insights for decision makers in key fields such as Sales, Marketing, HR, Business Management, Acquisitions and many others as below: ​


Big data allows companies to have an overview of their customer's behavior by gathering data from social media, web visits and their acquisition roadmaps. Collecting data of their behavior, big data can help businesses to adjust sales mechanisms in order to simplify the purchase process for their costumers. ​


Big data allows HR department for better recruitment, engagement and retention of top talents across employees inside and outside the organization. Big data offer insights in real-time and ensure productivity and effectiveness in a better understanding of the employees touch points.​

How it works? ​

Big data seems to be a futuristic technology that impacts the present by offering insights that generate business growth and development for both big and small businesses in a way that was never obtainable formerly. ​
In a short span of time, various Big Data techniques have discovered untapped potential in stockpiled data. But how does it work?


​Our Big Data Services​

As Big Data technology advances into the mainstream data management, every business regardless of the size can capitalize on this new phenomenon. Our certified Big Data specialists at Adamo Technology understand that individual businesses require uniquely designed solutions to ensure optimal outcome from bulk data. Adamo Technology has extensive experience in Big Data & Data Lake projects and has implemented various projects.​

Our Big Data Services include:

• Big Data Management​
• Big Data Technology Strategy Definition​
• Big Data Technology Use case Identification​
• Big Data Infrastructure Set-up and Management​
• Application Development and Maintenance​
• Big Data Analytics​
• Big Data Analytics Strategy Definition​
• Big Data Business Use-case Identification​
• Big Data Analytics Models / Framework: Development and Enhancement​

Leave it to the Experts!  Adamo Technology Big Data analysts’ team have been doing this before Big Data became BIG deal.​

We facilitate following requirements:​

• Technology expertise in Cloudera and Hortonworks Hadoop Big Data stack.​
• Implementing EDW, Archiving, real time batch data ingestion.​
• Cloudera and Hortonworks certified Hadoop solution architects, developers and administrators who are skilled in building Big Data solutions: Use case assessment; Architecture review; AWS, Azure and Private Cloud design and deployment​

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